Having straight teeth and a well-aligned jaw goes far beyond appearance and can affect overall health. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and can reduce the chances of cavities and gum disease with proper home care.

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth and are a new generation of orthodontic treatments for adolescents and adults. At the dental clinic of Dr. Ignacio García Espona we are specialists in lingual orthodontics in Granada.

 Proper jaw alignment can also help reduce the incidence of teeth grinding (bruxism) and other related problems like TMJ and headaches. Having straight teeth can also affect the complete shape of your face. Lingual orthodontics is an option offered by the orthodontists of the dental clinic of Dr. Ignacio García Espona to straighten your teeth effectively and discreetly. Lingual braces adhere to the inside (lingual side) of the teeth and straighten in a similar way as conventional braces do.

Lingual braces adapt to your teeth, unlike traditional metal or ceramic braces. First, your orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth and send them to the lab, along with a detailed treatment plan. Laboratory technicians use robotic and computer-aided design to create a set of brackets and wires for your specific treatment needs.


Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth. This means that no one will know that you are wearing braces unless you tell them. Lingual braces can provide effective and efficient tooth movement as well as great results and a low profile look and are the best cosmetic braces in Granada.

Lingual orthodontics is used to treat adolescents and adults between the ages of 13 and 70 years or older.

Each individual case is different and the appropriateness of treatment depends on the amount of crowding and a variety of other dental factors. Orthodontist Dr. Ignacio García Espona will be able to tell you if lingual braces are the right treatment option for you during your initial consultation.

If you are not a candidate for lingual braces, you may still be a candidate for Invisalign® treatment or cosmetic orthodontics with sapphire braces, which are also very low profile and offer cleaner lines than traditional braces.

Lingual orthodontics is a great option for those who want to avoid damaging the front surfaces of their teeth or who are concerned about wearing traditional metal braces.

Not everyone is a candidate for lingual braces. Contact our Granada dental clinic to book an appointment. Our orthodontists will conduct a complete review of your case and suggest the most appropriate treatment options for your needs.