With translucent cosmetic braces, you can achieve the same results as with regular braces, with a softer and less obvious appearance.

At the dental clinic of Dr. Ignacio García Espona, we offer invisible orthodontic treatments in Granada such as Invisalign, sapphire braces and lingual orthodontics.


Invisible orthodontics uses translucent cosmetic appliances very similar to metal appliances, but uses tooth-coloured braces (and in some cases, tooth-coloured wires) instead of metal to straighten teeth.

Generally non-staining, tooth-coloured ceramic blends in with your teeth. This makes them less noticeable than metal, although not as ‘invisible’ as internal braces or clear aligners.

These brackets are made of composite materials that are weaker and more brittle than metal brackets, and therefore slightly larger than metal brackets.

Like regular braces, translucent ceramic braces are not removed until treatment is complete, which means the same kinds of problems as living with metal braces are involved.

If you want to know the price of an invisible orthodontic in Granada, please contact the dental clinic of Dr. Ignacio García Espona.